My Adidas

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If you didn’t immediately sing “MYYYYYYY ADIDAS” the minute you read this title, please leave this blog and look up My Adidas by Run DMC right now. (Or Click Here). If you did know it, congratulations, you’re either a hipster who thinks he can bring the eight track back or old enough to be my mom. Either way, you have to acknowledge that 1) that song is timeless and helped make the Adidas Superstar on of the most iconic shoes of both Generation X and the Millennial generation, and 2) that Adidas Superstars are practical, comfortable, and stylish as hell. Although My Adidas are covered in dirt, beer, and God knows what else, they were starch white when they first arrived in Colombia. Surprisingly, even after a semester of galavanting across the world and making bad decisions, unlike Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship, they’ve held together quite nicely. Although mine are custom made (did you really expect me NOT to be that extra?), I’ve attached some links of similar ones below as well as the link to get your own custom made Adidas. Happy Shopping 🙂

Custom Made Adidas

Standard Adidas Superstar

Colorful Adidas Superstar



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